Mixbaz - Warranty Essentials: Your Guide to Coverage and Confidence

  • Legal warranty duration: 2 years from the delivery date.
  • For professional clients and refurbished devices, the legal warranty is 1 year.


  • The legal warranty is free.
  • It applies in case of non-conformity, such as technical or manufacturing defects.
  • Possibility to extend the warranty based on the product type.
  • Different extended warranty plans are mentioned.

Yes, the legal warranty remains valid after a repair by the technical service.

The legal warranty period is 2 years from the delivery date.

The receipt or online invoice from the purchase on our webshop is the proof of warranty.

Instructions for using the warranty, including the option to visit the store or contact after-sales service via email or phone (support@mixbaz.com, 0032 472 29 29 09).

The legal warranty period starts from the delivery date.

Yes, it is necessary to keep the original packaging to benefit from your legal warranty.

Device Repair or Replacement Inquiry:

Certainly! In the event of a malfunction during the warranty period, please contact us. We’ll provide you with a free return shipping label, allowing you to send your device back to us for examination and repair. If you prefer a replacement, kindly send us an email. Our Customer Support team will carefully assess your request and make a decision accordingly.

Please contact us and provide the name of your item, your full name, and your email address. When did you purchase the item? Under what name was the item purchased? We will take the necessary steps to assist you.

No, all of these services are completely free of charge.


Is your product still under warranty, and is it a technical or manufacturing defect? We can repair your product at no cost by sending it back to the manufacturer. If the issue occurs when the product is no longer under warranty, the repair will be chargeable. If it is not a technical or manufacturing defect, you will also be responsible for the repair costs.

Damage Responsibility:

unfortunately, there won’t be any warranty coverage. The repair cost, as well as the return shipping fee, will be at your expense.

We use packaging that conforms to higher standards, especially for fragile items. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that the package will be damaged during transit, as we thoroughly inspect all parcels before dispatching them from our store. However, in the rare event that you receive a damaged package (external damage), please take immediate photos and provide a written report. This will enable us to liaise with the shipping company. We also recommend reaching out to the carrier in your country, if possible. Rest assured, you will be reimbursed or sent a replacement product. No need to worry; you won’t incur any losses.

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