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MixBaz: Quality Products, Showroom Convenience

Explore our store for a curated selection of quality products. all our items are stored in logistics warehouses responsible for fulfillment, packaging, and order delivery. Order repairs are managed in dedicated logistics warehouses handling hundreds of orders daily. Our showroom in Wilrijk is always available for customers, offering services such as after-sales support, order pickup, product information, and returns.

Welcome to MixBaz: Your Premier European IT Marketplace

Unveiling Innovation at Every Click

Welcome to MixBaz, your trusted destination for cutting-edge technology. As a premier European IT marketplace, MixBaz stands as a testament to excellence, offering a diverse range of top-quality laptops, smartphones, printers, and office products. Whether you're an individual buyer or a wholesaler, MixBaz is committed to providing a seamless shopping experience that caters to your unique needs.

Diverse Range of Refurbished Laptops: Redefining Affordability

Dive into our extensive range of refurbished laptops, where affordability meets peak performance. Each laptop in our collection undergoes meticulous restoration to ensure it meets the highest standards. From cutting-edge specifications to reliable performance, every device comes with a warranty, guaranteeing your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Beyond Laptops: Smartphones, Printers, and More

MixBaz doesn't just stop at laptops. Explore the convenience of shopping for smartphones, printers, and a myriad of office products, all under one roof. Our commitment to offering both new and refurbished options guarantees choice and flexibility for every need.

Swift Global Delivery and Expert After-Sales Support

At MixBaz, we take pride in providing swift global delivery, ensuring your purchase reaches you in no time. Our commitment extends beyond the sale, with excellent after-sales support to address your queries and concerns. We are here to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Why Choose MixBaz?

European Quality Assurance

Our products come with European quality assurance, reflecting our commitment to prioritizing excellence.

Warranty Included

Every refurbished product is backed by a warranty, showcasing our confidence in their performance.

Retail and Wholesale Options

Whether you're an individual buyer or a wholesaler, MixBaz caters to your unique needs. Our flexible options ensure that you find the right solution for your requirements.

Collaboration and Partnership

MixBaz is open to collaboration and partnerships. If you're a brand looking to join forces or a potential business partner interested in exploring opportunities, we welcome you to reach out. Together, we can create synergies that benefit both parties and contribute to our shared success.

Investor Relations: A Window to Serious Investment Opportunities

For serious investors seeking promising opportunities, MixBaz is open to discussions regarding substantial investments. Our proven track record, commitment to quality, and vision for the future make MixBaz an attractive prospect for those looking to invest in a forward-thinking and sustainable enterprise.

Vision for a Green Planet: Revitalizing IT Material

At MixBaz, we envision a greener planet. Our commitment to environmental responsibility drives us to refurbish computers, smartphones, and various electronic devices, providing them with a second life. These revitalized products are offered at significantly lower prices, complete with a warranty to guarantee optimal functionality. Join us in creating a sustainable future where technology meets eco-consciousness.

Explore MixBaz – where innovation, quality, and sustainability converge for a brighter future.