Beyond Borders: MixBaz's Journey to Becoming a European Tech Leader

MixBaz, founded by Mr. Abdelhay as a trading and sourcing company, has charted an exceptional journey in the realm of technology. Explore our story marked by significant milestones:


2017 : launched into the e-commerce and digital world.

 MixBaz commences operations in the digital market, specializing in the sale of accessories and GPS devices.


2018 : Team Expansion Accelerates

Witnessing rapid growth, MixBaz expands its team by welcoming its first two employees.



Sales Soar

Rocketing Online Sales with Over 500 Products


Worldwide Presence Unleashed

MixBaz initiates global outreach, extending its reach to clients worldwide and facilitating international delivery services.


B2B Expansion & Appliance Distribution

MixBaz Expands B2B Operations Across Renowned European Stores and Introduces Household Appliance Distribution.


B2C : Premier Retail Experience

First MixBaz Store Opens Doors to Retail and Individual Clients, Introducing Top-Tier After-Sales Service.

Vision for 2024

Elevating Customer Experience and Unleashing Affordability

Our vision for 2024 is to revolutionize customer satisfaction. We aspire to enhance our customer service, making online shopping effortlessly accessible at the lowest prices in the market. Our goal is to offer a wide range of cutting-edge products from various brands, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a seamless and delightful shopping.

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Green Horizons, Renewed Electronics

In the year 2024, MixBaz envisions a greener planet. We are committed to environmental responsibility by refurbishing computers, smartphones, and various electronic devices, providing them with a second life. Our pledge includes offering these revitalized products at significantly lower prices, ensuring they come with a warranty, guaranteeing optimal functionality comparable to new devices. Join us in creating a sustainable future where technology meets eco-consciousness.